Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scott Kelby Walk Event - Historical Area Santa Rosa - October 2013

I believe I have finally caught up on my photographs!  I was so far behind with photo sessions, new computer, camera issues, and life in general being crazy busy. 

This photo session was from a event called "Scott Kelby Photo Walk".  You can become a leader for a walk and photographers will meet and take photos on this particular day.  Our photography group leader choose the historical residential area of Santa Rosa for our walk.  I love this area of town. Beautiful homes and historical rural cemetery.  Here are photos from the event.

REMINDER you can click on the photos to make them larger :)



I have childhood memories in this home.  Belonged to family friends.
Famous McDonald Mansion built in 1879




Neat idea - street library

It thought this was a dog house but it is cat house :)

Photographer: Christine Barry (copyright 2014)  Camera:  Nikon D7100

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