Sunday, June 30, 2013

RoBIRDto - June 2013

As I was washing dishes the other evening I noticed a crow just splashing around in our pond like nobody's business.  I told my husband and he went to scare the crows away from the pond as they would have it all stirred up and have the fish freaked out.  We have a nylon screen across the top which is helpful.  

I then see my husband chasing a bird running around our hard.  I am like "what is going on"?  It ends up to be a baby crow who got a little to wet and his wings were not at all ready to keep him in the air.  About 14 crows surrounded us, cawing at the top of their little lungs.  We let him drive off in the yard but it was growing dark and he still could not fly.  I suggested we put in a box and keep him outside over night.  He stayed in the dog box all night.  My daughter named him "RoBIRDto".  FYI, we did call our local bird rescue but they would not take him as he would not make it with them.  They are social birds and need to be with their families.

I awoke to let him out of his box.  I placed the box on the ground and his two parents were in the walnut tree cawing at me some more.  I took my shower and then went back to look out the window.  I see RoBIRDto running around the yard trying to fly again.  He makes it up on a rock and then to the fence.  He is not the best flyer or lander.  His mother or father was egging him on to fly some more.  He got his feathers/wings all ready and flew to the tree where all of he is murder were waiting for him.  I found out murder is what their groups are called (strange name).  My husband saw RoBIRDto in the afternoon still practicing his landings. 

RoBIRDto is now flying and hanging out with his murder in our yard on occasion.  I heard he will remember us forever.

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