Monday, May 27, 2013

RVing KOA Style in Willits - May 2013

Once again we visited our favorite RVing location.  Willits KOA in California.  We started off to what I needed " a relaxing weekend".  The weather was outstanding through out the whole weekend and slightly windy. The RV park as had maybe about 20 trailers at the most, it was really empty.  So with all that said this all led up to a very relaxing weekend which was much needed.

The only gripe I have to say is they have a Karaoke Machine there and the kids were just blasting it and when it started in Saturday a.m. at 9:00 a.m. that was to much.  Obviously someone else thought so because the music stopped in about 30 mins.  It was so loud it filled the valley with music... Bruno Mars just singing all by himself no Karaoke singer.  Then we had Mr. 4 wheeler next to us that blasted his music until his battery on his truck died, (he was nice guy but really a dead battery just to listen to music).  We had music in stereo the first night one song on one side and then another on the other side.

This KOA is top notch in clean and family friendly.  We did not go into the pool as I believe it is not heated, but it was warm enough to go in if you are a youngster!  I remember I would go into a pool no matter how cold when I was younger. 

The KOA has a wonderful fishing hole (catch and release) and walking trail, which also is the Frisbee golf course. Dave loves to bird watch here. I got some great wildflower photos and attempted to get swaying birds.

The pond was full of bullfrog tadpoles and frogs peeking at us as we walked by.

The dragonflies at the pond were beautiful and zipped around so quickly.
Here are the dragonflies:

 Here are the wildflowers: 

Peanut is feeling better so she had fun walking everywhere.  Nothing like a little doggy chiropractic and getting those nasty teeth pulled to make you feel better.

Just a few more photos from our trip:


We missed Aimee a lot on this trip as this is one of her favorite spots.  We have a story we like to tell where she escaped out of her box when we were leaving the KOA, it could have been a disaster.

The deers were out in force so we had some close calls on the road to and from Willits, so be careful if you take the journey in May.

We can't wait for our next journey out!

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