Monday, July 1, 2013

One Night Camping Trip - June 8, 2013

My husband is a volunteer for a group called "LandPaths".  He teaches elementary school kids about nature.  They go on field trips out into nature and he explains about things/animals they find on their journeys.  A great program and a wonderful thing my husband is doing for the community.

LandPaths had a get together for the volunteers out at location called Rancho Mark West in the Macamas Mountain Range.  We were there from noon, Saturday to Noon Sunday.  We pitched our tent along a creek bed and woods (we have our favorite area from last year). 

It was one of the hottest weekends of the year about 103 degrees.  We hung out by the swimming/fishing pond.  Luckily it has a little covered deck area.  We jumped in with the fish and frogs and who knows what else.  It was cooling and warm at the same time. We then visited and enjoyed everyone's company. 

As evening approached more volunteers joined us for a dinner.  Wild boar chili, hot dogs, and grilled veggies, and other potluck items.  I normally do not like wild boar but the chili was great.  The wild boar was harvested from another LandPath's property.  Fun discussions and yummy food.  Dave went fishing but not much luck.  Another guy caught a bull frog.  The frog was fast and was not going to let that fake worm get away from him!  We released the frog after he jumped on my leg (not the best feeling).

We then headed off to bed.  I fell down and almost slid into the dry creek bed, which would have not been good (no I was not drinking either).  It was dark and my family was ahead of me and I lost my sight of the path.  It is a long way down to the ground when you an adult.  The night was enjoyable as it was not as hot as anticipated. In fact it was a little colder than expected.  We heard foxes and animals all around us.  I thought a woman was screaming and it was the foxes.  Amanda and I slept in because it was chili and foggy, while Dave went fishing in the a.m.  There was a guy who was not with us (a friend of the land owner), he caught 25 fish, his record.  He uses a one of those belly tube things the fish guys like. Dave almost had two fish.

We enjoyed walking the land and finding all kinds of interesting wildlife and plants.  It was a nice little get away for the weekend.


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