Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 - 365 Photo

As you know in 2011 I did the 365 photo project.  I did quite well considering I have a busy life.  I tried to start again in  2012 the Macro photography 365 photo project but that did not work out to well. 

So now 2013 I want to expand my photography.  I am an intermediate hobbyist photographer that dabbles on the portrait side of photos but prefers shots of God's work "Nature".  I love the shot of the monkey or the cat, looking right into their expressions.  I love the look of petals and pieces of the flower that bring its beauty together. 

So in order to enhance my skills as a photographer, I am hoping to step out of my comfort zone and grab some very exciting shots.  Some may not be that exciting to folks but it is a step in realizing out light works and how composition pulls a photo together. 

If you would like to stay in touch with those photos here is my link.  I hope to share some of the photos on this blog (that will depend on my time).


Enjoy as I open my camera lens even wider into the world that God created for us.

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