Saturday, January 26, 2013

Going to try to get Creative Again... If time allows...

I really think we all need 3 day weekends.  One day for chores, one day for family and one day for doing stuff you want to do like photography, sew, and scrapbook or stamp. 

Today, I dusted and cleaned my scrapbook room, which has kind of become the husbands computer room.  I love being creative and enjoying my hobbies but time is so limited any more.  In a few more years my daughter will be grown and I know I will need something to keep me busy. As I know she won't like me tagging around with her and her friends (LOL).

Here are some pics of my creative areas, minus the sewing machine cabinet. 

My work area and lots of supplies and Cricut machine.

All my many rubber stamps

Antique dresser filled with fabric, cards and so many Stampin' Up! Rubber Stamp Sets

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