Friday, June 15, 2012

Willits KOA - Family Vacation June 2012

And we are off, we love the Willits KOA.  If you visited my original RVing with the Barry's blog you have seen me post about this location before.  The location contains a fishing pond (catch and release), a nice hiking trail up and over the hill and around, pool & hot tub, petting zoo, water play area for the smaller kids and many great RV sites, cabins, and tent camping sites.  You can catch the Skunk Train a fun family treat from this KOA.  The owners are very nice people.

We left on Sunday, June 10th.  It was not a easy take off for us as we had a medical pet emergency.  Our beagle fox terrier woke up coughing and gagging.  She could not stop.  We debated and decided to take her to the vet and we have found she has heart issues.  She is now on a heart medication but will eventually have heart failure.  She is 11.5 years old.  We left our sweet girl at my mother in law's house as the excitement of our trip would not be good for her.  She can go on future trips with us but we had to get her medication in her system.  She seems to be doing well.

We arrived at Willits in the afternoon and set up. During setup we discovered our power cord that is nicely put away each time through a special chamber in the side of trailer decided to coil itself up in knots.  We finally had to remove the chamber hole gasket to get it out.  All I can say is what a stinking pain, in the hot sun.  The trip was filled with some little moments - dropping a whole roll of tums down the bathroom sink, took the sink apart rescued the tums from drowning, caught a pot holder on fire while saving a falling quart of milk, and one dead propane BBQ.  Let's put it this way I was not to happy about having to fry burgers on the stove on the hottest night we had in Willits.


We had great warm weather but one day was really windy, we have already experienced a torn up awning so we rolled up our awning in a few minutes flat.  Been there done it and not going there again.

I was able to take a few walks with my hurt knee, But over all I babied my knee as instructed by my doctor.

Dave enjoyed looking for birds and found some birds that he and I photographed.  Dragon flies seemed to be in abundance at the fishing pond too.

We headed over to Fort Bragg one day and enjoyed one of our favorite beaches MacKerricher State Beach. No wind like at the camp and nice temperature.  We saw many birds, seals, and ground squirrels.  A great day.  Ate lunch at Jenny's Giant Burger.  We were going to visit the Mendocino Botanical Garden but it was $14 a person to get in (that is DUMB).  I would have paid something but not that for a walk around a garden.  I bet it was beautiful. The ride home was not to good, got my normal car sickness feeling and slept for a while at camp.


We enjoyed swimming at the pool and relaxing by the fire in the evening.  We did sneak into town to catch a movie that my daughter wanted to see.

While we were sitting at camp one night we noticed our neighbors dog was not a dog at all but a darling cat like our Grace.  This kitty has been on a leash since she was 6 months old.

If you want a nice enjoying family vacation, we recommend you visit the Willits KOA.

Back home on Thursday, and already miss the fun we had.  The next trip is not to far off.

More pics here:  Shutterfly Storage

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