Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birding Trip for the Indigo Bunting & Grackle

From what my husband is saying there is a rare bird here in our county.  The are from the east coast and they are not suppose to be here.  In case you did not know my husband is a birder and actually knows quite a bit about nature.  He should have been a teacher of nature or in the park service.  Actually he does quite a bit of volunteering here locally on nature hikes and youth events. 

Now on with the hunting the bunting.  We went to the north part of the county and took a road that seemed to go on for a bit.  We stopped and unloaded.  Other birders arrived while we waited.   No sign of the very blue Indigo Bunting and his mate.

As I am standing there suffering a morning optic migraine (could not disappoint my husband after he planned on my photography knowledge to get a good picture).  I hear a rustling in the bushes below the hill where I am standing.  I am thinking turkeys, but turkey gobbling.  I am thinking maybe deer.  Nope....
Wild Pigs.

After waiting a hour or so the Indigo Bunting did show up but so far away we could not get a good photos.  A birder had a spotting scope so I did get to see the little guy up close, he was a a beautiful blue and the female is a brown tan color.  They came down closer to us and I did  shoot a few pictures but they did not turn out to good.  Mainly I am posting this so you can see the beautiful blue of the Indigo Bunting.
Sorry not a better picture - Indigo Bunting Male

My daughter said I am turning into a birder, because I wanted to turn the tv off to listen to the mocking bird while I washed the dishes. LOL

We then went out to the park down the street to look for another bird called a Great Tailed Grackle. Saw egrets, herrons, ducks, and other birds/fowl.  The fog was rolling in over the hills which was kind of pretty should be a nice cool night.

Momma Duck Butt and babies



Green Herron (green legs)

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