Friday, July 27, 2012

Casini - Summer Vacation July 2012

July 22, 2012, Sunday

We headed out to one of our favorite destinations Casini Ranch by the Russian River and Pacific Coast Line.  It is a wonderful family location.

The weather was great when we arrived. We set up with ease and headed to the river to check it out.  It was quite packed as it was a nice hot day.

We then had our traditional BBQ Cheeseburger dinner.

We then headed out to Goat Rock to try to capture a sunset.  First we headed to Goat Rock State Beach, no dogs allowed on the beach, no good since we have the dogs with us. Then we headed to Blind Beach.  The hike down the hill was not a good once as it was poison oak filled and when we got to the end the ladder stair system they had collapsed so we could not get down with Amanda and Peanut.  Dave headed down with Aimee.  Amanda, Peanut and I continued up the hill through the poison oak.  Caught a few shots while climbing back up the hill.  Dave returned and we headed to Wright's Beach and rinsed off the poison oak hopefully.  We then sat up on the hill and watched the sunset.

These plants had a white liquid protecting the buds

Back to the trailer for a nice night of sleep.

July 23, 2012, Monday

We spent most of the time relaxing by the trailer then headed over to the river for a nice relaxing day.  Played in the water and Dave rented a kayak   Peanut enjoyed the water riding around with Amanda and I.  It was a great day except for the sunburn I received. I even had 50 SPF sunscreen on but I am just a burning magnet.

Pretty sure this day we headed over to Candy & Kites and I got my flying flamingo and a new wind sock, a few years back mine melted in the fire.  Wind blew it's tip into the fire.  This new wind sock is 24 feet long, for sure a ocean sock. We bought some saltwater taffy and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Menu for the day is:  Breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and marinated steaks, with BLT salad. Made some brownies too.

We then took a short walk down to the river in another direction in the evening.  It was a little breezy.

Slept pretty good except for the kids walking by all night, I am a light sleeper.

 July 24, 2012, Tuesday

Dave got up early to go to the deer club with his dad and brother.  Amanda and I lounged around camp.  Took a little walk up to the camp store.

Menu for the day is:  Toast and cereal, sandwiches, and beef tacos with Spanish rice and mac/cheese  & cheeseburger for Amanda.

We pretty much relaxed most of the day, headed to the river when Dave returned.  I did get more of the lobster glow again.

We feed the ducks by the pond and got some cute pics. 

July 25, 2012, Wednesday

Menu for the day is:  Biscuits and venison sausage gravy, sandwiches, and a nice night out!

We went to the Goat Rock, they are very strict regarding people in the water due to the strong current.  We walked over to see the Seals and they were so close.  They are so adorable, but can be very mean too.  We then headed back to camp to relax.

This seal kept watching me, he was so cute.

see my tongue

Went out to dinner at the The Sandpiper and had a wonderful Salmon on a bed of coconut rice and mango salsa.  Yummy!  Dave had a Sole on a bed of shrimp and crab.  Amanda had her cheeseburger of course ;)

I missed taking a picture of a bobcat on our way home.

Dave and I made smores and enjoyed the evening.  Packed up a few things and headed off for bed.

July 26, 2012, Thursday

Time to pack up and head home. It was a wonderful vacation.  We all had a great time.

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