Sunday, June 3, 2012

Excitement and Nature

Today started very nicely, a pretty day, I caught up on my blog with a recipe.  Threw a load of laundry in the dryer.  What is that smell?  Smoke, there is smoke in the house.  Realized at that moment it was the dryer, opened the dryer door smoke flowed out.  My husband and I pulled the access door open in my daughter's room, smoke under the house.  No flames just smoke.  I called 9-1-1 and 3 large fire engines showed up.  We pulled a couple of items and the animals from the house.  It was a strange feeling this was happening. The thoughts the emotions, so much at one time.  It was like our house was in the fire departments hands, they were a excellent force of guys and gal.  Our house was cleared as safe and we were told get a service person out on the dryer and clean the lint trap vent.  It is hard to believe it could be lint as I clean our dryer lint trap all the time but I guess little pieces can sneak by.  We will wait and see what the repair folks say about our dryer.  We will get our ducts cleaned right away.  Our situation ended well thank you God.  No pictures because of all the panic. 

Here is the quiet moment of the day, Mr. and Mrs. Quail. He watched over her so carefully while she ate. 

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