Friday, May 15, 2009

Vote for Adam Lambert

I am just so excited to see Adam excel on American Idol. He is very talented. He has got some flak about his lifestyle, leave the guy alone, everyone has their own personality and their own lifestyle. Adam is a entertainer folks he has proven that over and over again. Adam will go far whether he wins American Idol or not.... People are upset that Simon as stated his vote for Adam and you know Simon has been right a whole bunch of other times. I wish the best for Adam and look forward to possibly seeing him perform and buying his albums.



Anonymous said...

I want Adam to win American Idol. Been watching for several years already and he is by far - the best among the 08 contestants. He brought excitement to AI. What I love about him is that he has a clear understanding of who he is and what he wants. He is smart and knows his craft. He articulates his thoughts very well (which is not equivalent to being arrogant). He is humble and not selfish. When the other idol contestants asked for his help he doesn’t hesitate to help them. This proves that he is confident with his skills and is not threaten by insecurities. Adam is indeed a lovable “sweet” person.

I will VOTE for Adam Lambert on Tuesday. Got 10 of my friends to vote for him as well. I know this doesn't sound much but if i can get 10 and others can get 10 as well, we might be able to help Adam pull this off.

I hope middle america is not a solid vote block. Keeping my fingers cross.

So come Tuesday, i hope Adam fans will join us in Voting (like crazy) for him.

Good Luck to you Adam Lambert!!

The Barry's said...

Yes, it is so important to vote! No matter who you think is the best you need to vote or it won't matter and you will see the person going home with no win.

Linda said...

I haven't heard about"Middle America being a solid vote block". I did however, hear about the 'Christian vote' probably going to Chris.
I just want to say I am middle America and I am a Christian and I'm a solid Adam voter all the way.
That boy is awesome! IMHO he is the best I've seen on Idol in all the years I've been watching it.
BTW.... just for info purposes.... I'm a 65 year old lady that certainly doesn't normally like Rock. But when Adam sings...I listen!
Go Adam!!!

The Barry's said...

Adam blew it away tonight! Man he is good! VOTE VOTE VOTE

The Barry's said...

Recording contract with RCA/19Days, album due out in Fall 2009. Rolling Stone Cover! Right on Adam!