Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Crater Lake, Oregon - Family Vacation June 2016

Day 1 - June 12th

Got up bright an early to head to one of our favorite locations. - Crater Lake.  I made reservations months ago at Crater Lake RV Park.

The trip to Crater Lake was nice and smooth.  Last year when we went on vacation we had a few little hiccups.  Like a RV door flying open on the freeway.

We stopped at Black Bear Dinner for breakfast, near Redding, It was already almost 90.  We then hit the road again.

We drove by beautiful Lake Shasta and then past Mount Shasta.  A beautiful day to view Mount Shasta.  My darn camera was in trailer but I did capture a shot or two with my iPhone.

We arrived in the later afternoon at the RV park.  We set up in a tiny little RV spot.  Not to thrilled with that as there were other spots that were larger and open all week.  This is a smaller RV park than Diamond Lake RV park (we stayed there last time).  We made our normal 1st night Cheeseburger dinner.  Yum!

No smores, because no fires allowed :(  Camping just is not the same without a fire.

The night was beautiful and we headed down the street to the waterfalls.  It is a small hike down the hill and there are two beautiful water falls.  We came back and stayed around camp.  By the way lots of mosquito's in Oregon.  Off to bed so we can go see Crater Lake.

Day 2 - June 13th

We got up to head to the beautiful Crater Lake.  It was about 35 miles away.  The drive there was beautiful. When we arrived there was snow, it was beautiful.  We all got out of the truck to walk in the snow.  We then headed up to the viewing points and it was like I remembered.  I found the actual area I was at many years ago.  The weather was a little chiller than last time we were there.  Only part of the rim was open to cars, and a little bit further if you wanted to walk in.  So much snow.

We then headed over to visit Diamond Lake.  Last time we were there we could not go in the lake as they were shocking it for some type of evasive fish.  This time the lake looked beautiful.  All the bike trails looked great.  We have our bikes!

We took a few roads into other campgrounds and the country was beautiful.

We headed back to camp to start dinner.  We had BBQ steaks and I made blackberry cobbler in the dutch oven over briquets.

Off to bed, we are expecting rain.

Day 3, June 14th

It is raining.  It looks like rain the rest of the trip.  We heady to Shady Cove to pick up a few things we needed and get gas.  We stopped at this little side road "Phil's Frosty"it was a good little burger joint.

We headed over to the fish hatchery.  I expected to be bored, but it was fun.  I got to feed the rainbow trout, they were crazy when the food hit the water.  They had some sturgeon too. They load up a truck full of trout at this place and open the valve and the trout came flying out.

We then stopped a nice scenic view of the Rogue River.  Then headed to Becky's to get a pie, heard she had great pies. I would say my mom's are way better.  They were very pricey pies too.

We then headed out on the trail by our campground.  It went back to the Rogue River.  There is a dam and some electrical producing area (from what I can tell).  There is a nice fishing area, Dave is getting his fishing license tomorrow.  We walked down the river further to see beautiful flowers and waterways.

We had another great dinner post roast with carrots and potatoes in the dutch oven.  It was great! Going to make that again.

Off to sleep to the sound of rain.

Day 4, June 15th

Raining and it sounds so nice.  Just a little cold.  Dave and I had breakfast at Becky's.  It was okay.  Then headed back to wake up the girl and the pooch.

We headed the Avenue of the Boulders which are located by the waterfalls near our campgrounds in Prospect.  They are huge rocks and a geo thermo plant used to be there.

Day 5, June 16th

Today we headed to Lost Creek Lake.  The clouds were great and we saw a guy shooting around the lake.  The lake is huge.  We also went to this place called Natural Bridges down the street from our campground.  It was beautiful.

Tonight is Rib night, yummy!

Dave went fishing a couple times and I made the Ribs.  Dave got rained out and brought back one fish.  We are going later. Dinner was outstanding.  Now off to fish.  Well one more fish and we got rained on.

Our last night enjoying Oregon.  It is so beautiful and lush here.

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