Friday, July 4, 2014

Old Town Sacramento - Quick Visit

Well like a crazy woman, I thought I would take off to Auburn on July 3rd.  A trip that normally would take me 2.5 hours took me 4.5 hours.  But I made it on time and even early to a photo shoot I was invited to attend.

I had a wonderful time and even got to enjoy the fireworks!

I spent the night in Old Sacramento as I need to pick up a co-workers daughter on the way home the next day.  

I decided a nice visit around old town in the a.m. would be great.  I stopped at a cafe and a blueberry pancake and egg, yummy and a lovely view of the Sacramento River.

Here are some snapshots of my walk around the area:

You too can spend the night on this point on the river.

Sacramento River

Tower Bridge

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