Sunday, June 1, 2014

Castello di Amorosa - Calistoga, CA Day Trip

If you have never been to Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, CA you should take the opportunity to visit.  It is a beautiful location to visit.  I have been twice, my first trip I had issues with my camera and did not get to many good shots.  This time I was prepared and things were working wonderfully.

They offer a variety of tour packages led and on your own type tours.  I do the "on my own tour" and they do give you several wine tasting coupons in the package.  I very rarely drink wine but did taste one that sparked my interest.  It was without a doubt a very good dessert wine.  From what everyone was saying and buying they must have excellent wines.

The castle has several hallways and levels. The grounds have a variety of animals.

Gargoyle (he is my favorite one)

Wall of bottles of wine

Love this knight 

Mr. Turkey showing off


Here is the link:

I spent a wonderful day at Cornerstone Gardens and Castello di Amorosa.  Enjoyed a lot!

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Angie said...

Well, the camera must have been working great that day! Wonderful Photos!