Thursday, May 15, 2014

First RVing Trip of 2014

We decided to pull the trailer out and take a test run trip with the trailer to make sure all is in working order for our 2014 trips.  We headed off to the Willits KOA.  This place is one of our favorite destinations.

Everything seemed pretty good, some minor repairs.  I loved when I turned on the water to the trailer and water started shooting out the bathroom faucet knob. I pulled out the tools and was happy to be able to fix the water fountain.  We have one leaky pipe to fix before we start out on the road again in the summer. Looks to be a small thing, yea!

The KOA was having a Luau but we were not aware so we did not participate as we already planned our weekend menu and there was not enough to bring a potluck item.  The owner stopped by one night to tell us all about his pig roasting adventures, which ended him the hospital one night, small flare up.  Luckily he is in good shape now.  He is a very nice guy, enjoy talking to him.

Our first night we had our normal first night of BBQ burgers and beans.  Then the next day I made a nice pancake breakfast and then we enjoyed BBQ steaks for dinner.
Yummy first night burgers

We pretty good weather a little windy off and on.  Beautiful sun and a little fog at night.  We took some wonderful walks.  My daughter and her friend had fun walking around the KOA grounds. Loved taking photos of all the wildflowers which were growing everywhere.  I did sit down a the fishing pond and several damsel flies enjoyed landing on me and racing around me.  We did not see tadpoles this trip, which is kind of a disappointment.

Out for our evening walk
Friends hanging out

Fishing Pond at the KOA

Damsel Fly

Damsel Fly 

The KOA Neighbors Horses

There are several rabbits that run around camp.  Peanut really wants one for dinner but it is not happening.

We came back to the trailer to find this little friend hanging out at camp

The girls and I headed off to the little town of Willits on Saturday.  Went shopping, the girls had ice cream and I had a dessert smoothie.  It was fun to hang out with them.

Here are some photos of wildflowers and insects (from my walk Saturday afternoon):

We still miss not having Aimee dog with us on these trips.  The walking trail was her favorite place to run and play on.  I think every time we go to Willits KOA we will be reminded of her.

It was a nice uneventful trip, hope all of the 2014 trips are as nice and relaxing.

- Christine

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