Friday, January 24, 2014

Doran Beach Outing - October 2013

Jetty in the fog at Doran Beach

It has been a while since we got out with the trailer. I have to say it was a much need break from reality. We headed out Friday afternoon. As we headed through the hills we came to a nice fog bank growing on the coast. Within hours of getting to Doran Beach the fog was right on top of us. Visibility was very low.  Instead of BBQing the burgers, I was in charge of frying up cheeseburgers and the rest of our yummy standard first night camping meal. We then took a walk out to the jetty which was pretty fogged in but I did get to sit in a cove by the rocks and watch the sea lions play and swim by.

On Saturday, Dave took off on a birding hike in Jenner. Amanda and I had the day to ourselves to do whatever came to mind. I made myself a nice little breakfast and of course Amanda her couple pieces of bacon. I tried to catch up on a little sleep but that did not work to well with the yappy happy doggy that was next to us. I just do not get how people can just sit there and let their dog bark at 8:00 a.m. and let it go for hours. But oh well. After breakfast I took off on my bike, which I was surprised it had come along with us, I was super excited. I rode up and down the road to Doran Beach and it was really good to just get the fresh air. Amanda had to take a little trip to the local store for a few needed items. 

We ate a nice lunch and enjoyed the sun that finally came out. Then I headed out for a walk around the wildlife / birding area. I saw a great Egret,song birds, and butterflies.

I then headed to Freestone's little cemetery to take a look at the old headstones/grave markers. Interesting little place. I got plenty of exercise on this trip!

As the evening progressed we headed to one of our favorite restaurants The Sandpiper. I was not impressed with the clam chowder this time around and the tempura was a little thick for my liking. But can't have it the best all the time.

The wind picked up to hard gusts that rocked the trailer and caused me a little nervousness as we had been through this before (with rain last time) and it caused damage to our trailer. Spent a lot of the night awake listen to my family sleep away.

Sunday the fog was back but burned off nicely, to bad we were leaving. Overall a pretty nice weekend just doing whatever we liked. We have one more trip on the books and then the camper is off to storage until next year.

- Christine

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Angie said...

Love all the photos, and it sounds like a really nice camping trip. I love the Jetty in the Fog photo!