Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rainbow Bridge just got the Best Kitty Ever

After months and weeks of trying to figure out how to let Angel go I finally did. It has been the hardest decision I have had to make in a long time.  Angel was probably, I would say one of the best cats I ever had.  She was gentle and kind.  She always knew when I needed her purr or her paw on my face.  She was funny and crazy.  Angel would eat every rose I brought into the house.  When I bury her tonight I am putting roses in with her.  She just loved them and avocados. 

Angel became ill about 3-4 years ago after she escaped from our house.  She loved the outdoors but was an indoor kitty.  We do not know if she got in something that made her sick or if she was sick all along and it was timing.  No one could ever seem to figure out exactly what was wrong. Ultrasounds, xrays, and blood everything always seemed ok.  I personally think she had some type of cancer.  It dwindled her away to nothing over the past year.  She was sick to her stomach all the time and growled and seemed to be in pain.  But all through this time her eyes sparkled and she purred like nobodies business.  Best purr ever. 

She loved me so much and I loved her so much.  Angel was with me all the time and missed me when I was gone.  I will miss her now that she has left to go to the Rainbow Bridge today. 

Goodbye my sweet Angel and you will not be forgotten.


Angie said...

(((Hugs))) So sorry Chrissy. I know this is the most difficult decision to make with our beloved pets. We will miss Angel too...Dad will miss her when he comes over. Who will sit on his knee and purr and dig their claws into his pants leg?---

clbalb said...

She was a funny cat that way for sure.