Monday, April 1, 2013

First RV Trip of 2013


It was so good to get on the road again. We love having our little vacation home on wheels.

For our first trip out for 2013 we headed out with our friends (and their friends) to stay at one of our favorite stays. Casini Family Campground, it is along the Russian River by Duncan's Mill and close to the mouth of the river flowing into ocean.

We hit this weekend just right as it can be very foggy or windy. We lucked out all the way around, it was absolutely beautiful. A little cold as night but that is what campfires and heater in trailers are for, right?

We were able to make it out to early this time as my daughter was off for spring break and I took the day off. We departed at about 1:30 p.m. We set up in record time and enjoyed a nice BBQ cheeseburger dinner (our normal opening night dinner). We then sat by the fire with our wonderful company and enjoyed smores. We had 4 dogs (one was a tiny cutie pie of 4 weeks named Lucy). Peanut was still having problems with her neck/back so she had to take it easy on this trip but did show Lucy who is boss.

Peanut and her camping friends had lots of fun on this trip. Here are the little sweeties:

The second day, after a terrible night's sleep, not sure what was up with that.. except it was pretty cold in my bed corner. My husband and I headed out to Shell Beach to see if we could find the falcon's and their next. We did succeed but could not get close due to people bother the birds they had to post signs. So I got some so-so pictures. The coast was picture perfect, no wind, no fog. The walk was wonderful. I like camping as I get my walking in! Here are some photos from the coast walk:

Then we headed out to help my father in law feed a friend's cattle herd, it was quite fun. I got these great photos but sorry no shots of me rounding up some renegade calves, that was a yoot!

We then came back and my husband had to depart for a friend's memorial service. The girls went shopping after lunch at the cute little stores. I found some socks and I bought my daughter 3 pairs of earrings (lucky girl). We then headed back to enjoy relaxing at camp. My daughter and I had some bonding time and it was fun just to lay back and talk. Our doxie enjoyed all the pampering too. My father in law came in for dinner (he does not live far) and we enjoyed a nice dinner of steak, Cesar salad, french bread and rice. Then back to more smores, yummy! We then headed off for a good night's sleep.

The dreaded time came to have to leave, but it was nice we did get to enjoy a nice breakfast and sit outside a bit before we left. It was so beautiful outside.

Another beautiful and fun trip with family and friends.


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