Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Break from Reality

It was so nice to get away this past weekend.  We went to dry camping in our RV again.  We have a new battery hookup and it worked great!   The generator took a dump, ends up Honda generators are known for having so many issues, and we thought with the brand name it would be a good one.  Not so, it is in the repair shop. 

So off to the weekend.  We arrived at Doran Beach to beautiful weather.  Some cloud cover but now wind and the sun peeking in and out.  We did our normal cheeseburger BBQ night and had a nice night with friends.


We then awoke once again to beautiful weather no wind and the beautiful sun.  We headed to Goat Rock beach to see the seals.  Our daughter's friend and never seen seals before and last time we were there were lots of seals.  This time not as many seals but cute couples of them swimming around. 

We then headed over to Bodega Bay head to see if we could see the whales but no such luck.  But once again hardly any wind on a normally very windy point.  I got to talk to a photographer at head.  He was an older gentleman and shared many of his photos with me.  He owns a camera like mine and had a nice Tamron 200-500 mm lens on his camera.  It was interesting talking to him about the whales and how he knew different whales by their scars and markings.  I got a shot of a coyote too!


Dave then took me on a long walk and it was not that enjoyable since I wore flip flops.  But it still was nice to be out and with my husband.  We then headed back to the trailer after looking for birds.  We were then caught in middle of a wedding.  Yes a wedding....  I wanted to walk back on the beach (shorter distance back to the trailer).  I was between 3 flower girls and a bride.  Once they were off to the wedding location on the beach we weaved our way through the dunes as to not disturb their beautiful moment.   The walk along the beach was nice but the wind kicked up.

Saturday evening was cold and breezy but still fun with friends at their campsite.  Nice ravioli dinner and cupcakes/brownies.

We all slept well and awoke to another beautiful morning with a little fog.  It was very relaxing and fun time with my family.  Much needed.

Aimee, we thought of you and missed you on our trip.

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Angie said...

Beautiful pictures as always! I'm glad you picked a good weekend to go out to the coast too. I remember times it has been so cold and windy out there. We miss Amiee too.