Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pampering for Me

Last year for my birthday I received a gift certificate to the Kenwood Inn & Spa.  This is expensive place to visit and has been featured as a place celeb's like to visit.  I never have been and decided today was the day.  I went to the spa this morning.  I had the Kenwood Harvest Sugar Scrub (50 minute treatment), the scrub is made up of sugar, grape seeds, chardonnay oil and Riesling oil and red wine extract.  I was massaged more less with this scrub.  It felt so relaxing and afterwards they let you rinse off and the oil remains on your skin softening throughout the day.  I then received a nice glass of some fancy champagne and toured the inn property.  It boast beautiful rooms and some rooms similar to little buildings you would find in Europe.  A couple courtyards, hot tub area, and pool area.  Everyone was friendly.  I might have to save up some money and go there again.

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