Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nikon School

This weekend I had the chance to attend Nikon School.  The class had a lot to do with types of lenses and lighting (flash and natural).  It was a one day class that two wonderful photographers taught.  I feel that I actually know more than I thought I knew.  I need to get more confidence in myself as a photographer.  I also need to use what I know instead of just going out and taking a quick shot of something.  I need to really view objects in different angles.  I love when I go somewhere and learn something new and I did!  Now I just really want a Nikon Speedlight.  Off camera flash is so much better. 

I was disappointed that Nikon did not give goodie bags to its attendees, just something beside a little notebook.  Really that is part of the fun too! Of course my winner's luck (which I do not have) did not win me a raffle prize darn! The other thing is I heard in the past they brought along their lenses and other items.  I would have loved to look at some of their lenses.  I only have one lens I want but that will be in most likely in my retirement days and my child is done with college! I was impressed by NX2 Capture software, I am getting that for sure.

The night before class my mom and I spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house.  It was so nice to see them again, been a while.  They have exchange students living at their home. The students are attending an English program.  The students were from Saudi Arabia.  The were a fun group of kids.

I did get a capture of the Super Moon, I have a phone line running through it because the location did not have a clear shot of the sky. 

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Excellent shot and wonderful picture.

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