Thursday, October 20, 2011

Willits- We Are Back

We love the Willits KOA.  We always have a nice time.  This time we had great weather and a quiet relaxing time.  There were only about 10 other campers there.  It was very quiet.  One thing that was kinda of a bummer is that they did not do the normal events, no ice cream social, no hay ride, no every day KOA activities.  They did uncover the pool, which they covered due to winter heading our direction.  This particular weekend we had a heat wave.  Amanda brought a friend and they walked around talking about teenage stuff and hanging out.  The fishing pond was upgraded with little fishing piers.  The pool was all redone and very nice.  We did our normal walk around the hill which is very pretty.  We watched the Skunk Train head through the hills.  Here are some of the views of the hills and the girls having a water fun.
Baby bunny at KOAs feeding farm

Fishing Hole at KOA

Fog Rolling over the hills

Frog we found on our walk

Swimming time

Skunk Train Heading to the KOA

Fun in the water

We had two nice dinners and yummy smores.

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