Friday, September 23, 2011

New Camera Chapter and Hoping to Maybe Start a Side Business

For my birthday this year, I ordered myself a new camera.  I saved my husband the time in finding the right gift and saved him from his least favorite thing to do "shop".  I purchased a Nikon D7000, an upgrade from my Nikon D5000.  I love my new camera.  What is cool is you can set up 2 user memories, so if you have two styles of photography you do frequently you can flip to the user setting.  I like the two SD card system, I can shoot in RAW and JPG and save on separate cards.  It is a little heavier of a camera as it has metal frame.  So far the pictures have been very nice but I have been mainly shooting in Auto due to learning what all the buttons do on the camera.

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I want to start a custom photography side business (like I don't have enough going on LOL).  I am looking forward to shooting lots of Amanda's high school moments.  Like her upcoming Homecoming Dance photo. If you are interested in my photography and booking a session (to start my business off) please see below (I love my new logo thanks Melissa Starr):


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