Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lash Out!

One of my friends introduced me to a cool new thing (well at least new to me and my friends). It is called Lashout You pretty much get extensions put on your own eyelashes. Believe me this was not a short trip to the spa. I was there 3+hours. I was a training model so I got my done free but I hear they are pricey. I had to try it for sure. Mascara for a while. You lay perfectly still with your lowerlashes taped down. They even not if your are castrophobic this might not be for you. I was pretty stiff when I was done. I think I dozed there for a while. Great thing to do on a ugly winter day.
Here is the before and after shot:

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The Barry's said...

Update on my Lashes... I can't take them... they bug me. I pull and tug on them... I almost have all of them off now. They are the best idea and pricey... but if you play with your eyes like I do don't get them...I am bummed but they and I do not get along.