Monday, July 6, 2009

I Farkle do you?

I am now hooked on a game called Farkle. I learned about it on Facebook, you can play there. Now I found out they have it available at stores. It is a really fun dice game you can play with others or you can try to beat your own score. It is mainly based on 1s and 5s but then there are points for triple numbers, quad numbers, and numerical order plus pairs. I will be purchasing it to take on trips in our camper for sure.

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cardgameguru said...

Hi Christine,

I have to say that I love Farkle too. I play it on Facebook all the time. I like your idea about using it for travel. We did the same and we also got this game called Greedy Greedy. It's very simialr to Farkle but it also has cards that allows one to gain bonus points or sabotage your opponents. It is so much fun! If you're interested in it you can check it out at By the way they give a lot of their money to charity which is always a huge plus for me when deciding whether to buy something or not. Good luck with it and see you in the Farkle rooms!

Daphne Craig